Thursday, January 26, 2017

Paradise ponders, jeez it's snowing again edition...

Paradise ponders, jeez it's snowing again edition...  There is just no respite from this non-stop snow!  Last night there was a small chance of snow in the forecast, for less than an inch.  This morning when I got up there was 2" of fresh snow on the ground, and it was falling hard.  The radar shows (again!) that the entire Cache Valley is free of active snow showers ... except for about a five mile diameter area centered on our house.  Sheesh!  So I'll be plowing and shoveling again this morning...

Once I get done with that, assuming I have any gumption left at all, I'll be installing the replacement Nest thermostat I received a few days ago.

Sometime today Debbie and I will be headed for Macey's (our grocery store) to pick up fresh ahi.  We got an email from the store's seafood manager letting us know that it arrives this morning.  Yum!  At least we'll eat well today!

The forecast for today and the next eight days has zero chance of snow in it.  I like the sound of zero!  But I wonder if there's an exception for the area right around our house...  :)

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