Thursday, January 26, 2017

Obamacare benefit #25,981...

Obamacare benefit #25,981...  In today's mail I received a 104 page bound book that contains a “Summary of Benefits” and “Outline of Coverage” for our new (for 2017) health insurance.  The text is mostly in 9 point type (I measured it).  Here's a representative paragraph chosen at random:
The policy is renewable at the option of the policyholder upon payment of the monthly premium when due or within the grace period, except in cases of intentional misrepresentation of material fact or fraud in connection with the coverage, our decision to cease offering the policy to individual policyholders, or our decision to cease offering coverage in the individual market.  No modification or amendment will be effective until 30 days (or longer, as required by law) after written notice has been given to the policyholder (except for modification of the premium, which shall not be effective until 45 days after written notification has been given to the policyholder), and modification must be uniform within the product line and at the time of renewal.
Got that?

Sheesh.  Who on earth would ever read this thing?  Or even refer to it?  Plus, as they tell me in the cover letter, it's all available on their web site.  So, one wonders, why did they send the damn thing to me?

Answer (found on the web): because they're required to, in order to be compliant with Obamacare.

Just think how many lovely trees that stupid regulation cost us!

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