Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Paradise ponders, beef soup and boot zippers edition...

Paradise ponders, beef soup and boot zippers edition...  Yesterday afternoon Debbie and I headed to Los Primos, as planned, for our lunch of beef soup.  That's my half-barrel at right.  Man, that stuff is great!  Someone there really knows how to make soup...

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn, snow plowing and shoveling.  We got six more inches of snow last night, and everything needed to be cleared again.  It was quite cold – about 10°F – so the snow was powdery and fluffy.  That makes it easy to plow, but difficult to pile.  Everything in life has trade-offs. :)  I was on the tractor at 6:30 am, and finished up with the last of the shoveling at 10:30 am.  Four solid hours of work, and now my upper body (especially my arms) is quite tired.

After I finished this work, we ran a few errands including picking up Debbie's now-repaired boots that we left at the cobbler's a couple weeks ago.  I'm happy to report that he did a very nice job of the repair, used a top-quality zipper (HKK), and charged a fair price.  We'll be coming back, for sure.  Talking with him today I found out that he's considering moving to Paradise.  That would sure be convenient!

Here's some photos I took today around the place.  Of some concern at the moment: the snow falling off my barn's roof is now piled 4.5' high - right up to the windows.  If it gets any higher, I'm going to have snow piling up against the glass – not good!

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