Saturday, November 19, 2016

Paradise ponders, pressure-washed cat house edition...

Paradise ponders, pressure-washed cat house edition...  I made a run to Home Depot this morning to pick up the supplies I needed in order to do the wiring for our deck.  It was a big pile. :)  While there, I noted that they had nice solid cedar dog houses on sale – for less than I could buy the cedar for.  Well, the heck with building my own for the puppy yard!  When I put the puppies out with it for the first time, Mako ran straight up to it – and started chewing.  Sheesh!  He's already eaten about a half inch off one corner.  At this rate the dog house will have completely disappeared in about a week.

My brother Scott came over to visit and to test the pressure washer I bought recently.  If it worked well for cleaning up old muddy driftwood, he wants one for his own use.  He and I put it together in our garage, filled it with oil and gas, hooked it up to a hose, and lit it off.  It worked great on my driveway for a couple minutes, then I handed the wand over to Scott to try on a piece of driftwood.  Immediately it stopped working, doing a funny pulsing instead of a nice, steady high pressure.  Dang it!  Scott thought it had died, but after a couple more minutes of this intermittent operation it went back to working great.  I suspect there was air in the 75' hose I used to hook up to it, and that took a while to work out.  In any case, the pressure washer passed his driftwood test with flying colors, so we ordered one for him.

Scott saw the shipping crate I blogged about earlier today, and had a great idea: he can make that into a nice, insulated cat house for the kittens hanging around his cabin.  We loaded that into his truck for him to take, along with a roll of the goat wire that our fencing guys have been removing from our fence.  Scott's going to use that as an armature for some future concrete sculpture.

Debbie and I just got home from a very nice dinner at the Black Pearl, with a dessert of ice cream from Aggie's creamery.  When we pulled in, we noticed that the deck roof had been “dried in” (waterproof underlayment laid down on top of the sub-roof).  That means we're all set for the storms forecast for tomorrow night and much of the next week.  Woo hoo!

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