Sunday, November 20, 2016

Paradise ponders, dented deck edition...

Paradise ponders, dented deck edition...  Well, that didn't take long!  Our formerly perfect redwood deck now has a nice little dent in it, created by a short piece of 2x4 that I dropped while testing out my electrical box mounting design.  Sigh. 

Last night our fencing contractor texted me to say that the back yard was now puppy-proof.  This morning I walked the whole fence to verify that, and then let all four dogs out into the yard to play.  Such canine joy!  Miki didn't want to stay out long; the old man likes his warm house and soft bed.  Race and the puppies, though, went into full-time, non-stop play mode.  Everything in the yard is a potential toy.  We've seem them tussling over rags left by the workers, a plastic soda bottle, and a willow twig.  It doesn't matter to them; everything is a toy. :)

I made a run to Home Depot and a few other stores, grabbing some supplies for the great deck wiring project.  This morning I've been sawing wood and testing whether my mounting design actually works (it does!).  Much more sawing and screwing directly ahead.

First thing I did this morning, while it was still crisp and cool outside, was to break out my chain saw and cut down an evergreen tree we didn't want.  It was in the way of the fencing guys completing the very last section of the fence remaining, which they will do tomorrow.  I have fired up the chain saw in about 7 months, so I expected it to be reluctant to start.  Second pull and it fired right up – thank you, Stihl!

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