Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paradise ponders, muddy door edition...

Paradise ponders, muddy door edition...   What happens when you have brand-new exterior doors and you let the dogs outside, and it's mud season (as it is here).  Muddy doors, of course!  At right is the masterpiece that our four mutts created in, oh, about 12 seconds yesterday morning.  Some lunatic cleaned it off later in the day, but it looks just like this again now. :)

At left, left-to-right: Michelle B., Jimmy B., and Debbie.  They're in our kitchen, so obviously they made it here safely.  They may already be having regrets, however, as they've discovered that we're putting them to work.  Jimmy and I worked outside part of yesterday, fixing a poorly mounted main breaker on our house.  We made good progress on that, actually.  Today we're going to put up stringers with ceiling boxes, 11 of them.  Should be exciting! :)  Michelle discovered that she's going to be helping Debbie with the Thanksgiving cooking.  Outwardly she appears to be enjoying the prospect, but I suspect that inside she's saying “How did I let myself get talked into this?” :)  She and Debbie have a very ambitious menu prepared, one that required Jimmy and I to make a grocery run that appeared to be for a family of 40 or so.  We shall not lack for food tomorrow!

Blogging will likely be slow for the next few days, as we work our guests' fingers to the bone...

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