Friday, August 5, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Quite a bit got since yesterday afternoon on our construction projects!  Late last night a heating and air conditioning guy showed up to install a heating duct for our mud room (visible in the sixth photo below).  Just by happenstance our home has a floor duct alongside the front door.  Our builder cut a hole in the house's rim board, and there was the duct, right there – very convenient!  So we simply cut out that register transition (so now that register inside the house will not put out any warm air) and extended it with an insulated duct to a register transition on the mud room floor.  We won't miss the register inside the house, as there are several other ducts nearby.

This morning, the insulation crew showed up.  Two very hard-working guys had all the insulation installed in about two hours.  All but the last two photos show that work.  The fourth photo shows some interesting “shells” they were using.  These shoot (literally, with gunpowder!) small fasteners through bats of insulation into the concrete foundation.  This is how they attached the bats to the insides of the foundation walls.  It was interesting to see how they handled all the little challenging details, like the ends of the joist runs.  These two fellows had obviously done all of this many times – they zipped through all the work very efficiently.

Later this afternoon, our builder showed up with his son and installed the tongue-and-groove OSB sub-floor sheathing.  They were interesting to watch, too – especially when it came to the funny angles in the sun room floor.  They did it a far easier way than I'd have done.  I would have carefully measured the outline of the rim board, and then attempted to transfer those measurements to an 8x4 piece of sheathing.  They simply installed the 8x4 sheet and let it overhang.  Then they traced out the actual rim board edges and sawed it off (as you can see in the last photo).  Much easier!  Our builder has done this a time or two, methinks.  :)

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