Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Burgers for lunch today...

Burgers for lunch today...  Debbie's burger is at right.  I'm not sure how you could beat these burgers.  The meat is lean ground sirloin, the buns are fresh-baked cheese and onion rolls, the tomatoes, lettuce, and onions are all local and scrumptious, the cheese is a great extra sharp cheddar, the mayonnaise is Duke's, and the ketchup is Western Family, which we like better than any of the national brands (more tomatoey and less sweet).  All of this except the Duke's is from Macey's, our favorite local supermarket.  Duke's mayonnaise is now being carried nationwide by Walmart – no matter where you live, now you can get it.

 She looks quite satisfied with her monster burger, wouldn't you say?  Neither of us had any problem finishing the whole thing :)

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