Saturday, April 16, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  This morning's tutoring session with Abby S. went very well indeed.  She is absorbing this material like a sponge, at a very rapid pace.  Debbie, observing the two of us working, was struck by just how eager and excited she looks.  Whatever the reason, Miss Abby is intensely interested in learning to program.  It's fun to be the teacher when you have a pupil who so badly wants to learn...

Debbie and I took a walk this morning after Abby and I were done, as the weather was fine (though a tad chilly) and the views beautiful.  Debbie's walking gait is now oh-so-close to appearing normal, both uphill (easier for her) and downhill.  It's a big relief to me to see that.  At the moment her need is more for strength and endurance than anything else.  Regular walks will help with that.

The photo at right above is the view from the fields above our home toward Logan Peak (map), a roughly 9700' high peak in the Wellsville Mountains.  The panoramas below were taken along our walk; each of them is about a 225° view (and the road is a straight road!).  The dark area in the top panorama is caused by a cloud shadow over us.

The goose is still in the tree, still sitting on her eggs.  We frequently see her mate below her in the field, standing guard and leading potential predators away from her.

We had something happen in our yard yesterday that seems really odd.  Mo'i, our ancient field spaniel, was wandering around our back yard (he loves that back yard!).  After he'd been out there for a while, a spectacular male pheasant wandered from our front yard, through the fence, and into the back yard – with Mo'i.  I poked my head out our back door to see what would happen.  Mo'i picked up on the pheasant's presence in just a minute or two, and started ambling over toward the pheasant.  That's Mo'i's highest speed today, about like a slow walk for a person.  The pheasant clearly saw Mo'i approaching – but did nothing.  It just stood there in one place while Mo'i walked over to it.  I thought for sure that was the end of the pheasant – Mo'i is a bird dog, after all.  Instead of lunging for the pheasant, though, Mo'i just went up do it, snuffled it, turned around and walked off.  And the pheasant still just stood there.  Very weird!

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