Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lupper-time in Paradise...

Lupper-time in Paradise...  Our ready-to-eat lupper is at right.  I managed (though just barely) to eat everything on my plate; Debbie had some leftovers.  After we had finished, all three dogs had a chance to share in the feast: they got to lick the plates.  They were not offended by this in the slightest :)

From the left, that's Mo'i, Miki, and Race.  They each have a different plate-licking style.  Mo'i is methodical: slow, steady licking in the same spot until every molecule of goodness is gone.  Miki is the mad sprinter: he licks at turbo speed, in every direction, jumping all over the place.  He also growls at the other two while not missing a lick.  Race is fast and methodical.  He goes cross-eyed when he hits something tasty :)

Earlier, when we were preparing this feast, the dogs were particularly attentive to us.   They know that something good might slip from our grasp at any moment – and when it does, the probability of it hitting the ground is vanishingly small.  The photo of Race at right shows the typical concentration that all three dogs show during any activity involving food in the kitchen...

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