Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Paradise goose...

Paradise goose...  She's turned around to face our house directly this morning, and she was eyeballing me carefully the whole time I was taking these photos.  I set up my spotting scope outside (so no windows) about 155' from the base of the tree she's in, and got some better photos:

The mama goose is (according to what I've read) always the one sitting on the eggs.  The papa spends a lot of time in the general area, guarding the nest.  I am carefully keeping away from that area, so as not to stress them, so I don't know what his behavior is if there's a perceived threat of some kind.

Yesterday I twice saw the mama leave (presumably to feed) and return to the nest.  Her approach and landing have to be seen to be believed – somehow she manages to steer those giant wings of hers in between all the branches and end up perched on the edge of the nest.  It looks impossible to a bystander, but she does it without apparent effort.  Her mate flies with her, right up to the nest, but at the last second veers off to the side.

You can see in these photos how carefully the mama is watching me.  If looks could kill, Debbie would be making cremation arrangements right now...

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