Monday, April 4, 2016

Canadian goose nesting...

Canadian goose nesting ... in a tree!  This goose appears to be sitting on eggs in a nest about 40' high in a (I think) box elder tree.  The tree is on my neighbor's property, about 50' north of our property's edge.  We think the nest (which has been there at least two years) was an old hawk's nest. 

I took that photo through my telescope, at 45 power, from 175' away through a window.  I'm going to try for a better one when I get full sunlight, hopefully tomorrow.

Canadian geese normally nest on the ground, but when we searched for information about Canadian geese nesting in a tree, we found plenty of other examples – so this isn't quite as weird as we thought it was :)

Debbie's first question: how are the goslings going to get down to the ground from up there?  My guess: they get pitched out like wood ducks do with their babies, and they bounce when they hit the ground.  I hope we manage to catch that event!

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