Monday, March 21, 2016

More rain and snow for Paradise...

More rain and snow for Paradise...  That's what's in our forecast for tonight through Wednesday.  It's hard to believe at the moment, as we have wall-to-wall blue sky and there's no snow on the ground.  Our soil is saturated, though – mud season is in full swing here.  You can easily tell that by the grit on our kitchen floor – the inevitable result of letting dogs with hairy feet (field spaniels) go outside :)

We're planning to make a few modifications to our house this year.  Those include a “mud room” outside the current front door, and a rear patio that opens onto the enclosed yard our dogs normally play in.  We're planning a dog washing station on that patio: a place with a hose and a sprayer, where we can easily wash the dirt and mud off their feet in mud season.  The gluey substance known as “Paradise mud” is almost impossible to remove without the assistance of high-pressure water.  The dogs won't appreciate this, but we will!

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