Monday, March 21, 2016

Good eats in Paradise...

Good eats in Paradise...  First thing this morning, my lovely bride made bacon and eggs, with pan-fried potatoes and onions to accompany it.  World-class eats, those were: fresh eggs from Macey's (our local grocery chain) just four days out of the chicken, Dailey's applewood-smoked bacon, and Idaho potatoes from just up the road.  Yum!

But then wait, there's more!  We stopped to pick up sandwiches at Logan's Heroes, and they were terrific as always.  Fresh torpedo rolls, top-notch meats, friendly service, and all the right condiments and veggies.  Dang those sandwiches are good!  And of course I washed it down with a big glass of Rosehill Dairy milk.

Now I'm practically comatose, but I'm going to go back out to my shed to do some more work.  I'm trying to finish up the four-wheeled trailer project I started last fall...

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