Friday, November 6, 2015

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!  Our friend and neighbor Tim D. was madly taking all the above-ground vegetables out of his garden today, as we had a good hard frost last night.  He brought over about two gallons of green tomatoes (which Debbie's going to make fried green tomatoes and some tomato relish from), a dozen or so gigantic bell peppers, and three pounds (!) of jalapeno peppers, which Debbie's going to turn into jalapeno jelly that I won't go anywhere near.  He also brought over a lovely batch of beets (and he still has a lot more).  I cleaned and skinned them this afternoon, resulting in the bowl you see at right (I like this method better than boiling them with the skin still on, as skinning them takes away all the grit).  Later today I'll boil them up and make about two quarts of pickled beets.  I'll throw a few hard-boiled eggs in as well.  Yum!

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