Friday, November 6, 2015

Technology in Paradise...

Technology in Paradise...  So Debbie and I finally upgraded our iPhones yesterday.  Both of us moved from from an iPhone 5 (purchased over 3 years ago) to an iPhone 6s+ – a fairly large jump in technology, as well as in size.  In the photo at right (not mine), that's a 6s+ on the right and a 5 on the left.  We bought the new phones straight from Apple as “SIM-less” versions, and I did the upgrade myself: just backed up the old ones, swapped the SIM cards, and restored the new one.  It was tedious re-entering all the settings and passwords, but I had no problems with either one.  I don't think it took even one hour to have us both up and running in the new phones.

First reactions:
  • Holy crap these things are HUGE!  Even though we looked at them in the store, I wasn't quite mentally prepared for this.  It's like carrying around a junior-sized iPad.
  • The screens are almost unbelievably crisp, clear, and beautiful.  Not to mention ever-so-much easier to read for our ancient peepers.
  • The camera with its stabilizer is a lot better than the iPhone 5's camera.  A whole lot better, most especially for video.
  • I'm surprised how much easier the keyboard is to use, basically because of the size (and my fat fingers).
  • The curved edges make the new phone much more comfortable to hold.  Me like.
  • The fingerprint reader is much more of a convenience than I'd have thought.  The simple fact that I can wake up my iPhone with just a simple click with my forefinger is surprisingly liberating – no more typing in that pesky 6 digit PIN.  Also convenient: we could set up our phones to accept the fingerprint from either of us, so we can easily use each other's phones.  Awesome.  
  • Debbie loves the “rose gold” case on hers.  Mine is “space gray”, otherwise known as “battleship gray”, and suits me just fine.
So far, two thumbs up.  Did I mention how HUGE these things are?

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