Friday, November 6, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Debbie and I were looking out the glass door to our bedroom a few minutes ago, watching the snow fall (first “real” snow this year, though it's not sticking to the ground).  Suddenly Debbie said “There’s a Schnauzer in our yard!”  A little black miniature Schnauzer, to be precise.  I went out and called him to me, and he came right over.  Didn't have any name tag, but he did have a rabies tag – and it had the name of the vet and an ID number.  I called the vet and got the number of the owner, along with the name of the dog (“Rocky Road”). 

I called the owner and discovered that they had given little Rocky away years ago to a family who lived on the south side of Hyrum.  That's almost four miles north of our house – if little Rocky wandered that far, then he's an accomplished traveler indeed!  The original owners (Branden and Emberly H.) drove down to our house right away, picked up little Rocky (who quite obviously recognized them), and set off on a quest to reunite him with the family they gave him to.  About a half hour after we found him, Rocky was on the way back home.  A happy ending!

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