Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lasagna in Paradise!

Lasagna in Paradise!  Debbie cooked up a huge batch (three full-sized pans like the one at right).  Most of this is going in the freezer, but one corner of one pan was our dinner tonight.  It was brains-fall-out-on-the-table great! 

The quantity of food that went into this is staggering: six pounds of hamburger, four pounds of sausage, nine big cans of tomato sauce, six cans of tomato paste, a half-dozen boiled-down tomatoes from our neighbor's garden (the last of the season, dang it!), three big boxes of lasagna noodles, nearly a gallon of ricotta cheese, several pounds of mozzarella cheese, a pound of Parmesan cheese, and all sorts of spices.

Now I'm in a pasta coma :)  And I will be again, quite a few times over the winter!

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