Sunday, November 22, 2015

Well, we have a well in Paradise...

Well, we have a well in Paradise...  Elray is all finished with the well drilling, and yesterday afternoon he drove down (with his lovely wife, Laura) to start up his rig and drive it out.  It's been here for a month and a day, long enough that Elray seemed to become part of the family here – I joked to Laura that if he had been here any longer, we'd have to file the paperwork to adopt him.  :)

The well is producing 30 GPM at minimum, and the static water level is just 38 feet below ground level.  That means we have 283' of water column in the pipe, a modest cistern all by itself!  We're going to install a low-capacity pump (which Elray will install over the next few weeks) and pump it into a much larger cistern.  I'll run a pressure tank from that larger cistern, so the larger (and less reliable) pump will be easy to access and service.

For those interested in the underground geology, I've reproduced Elray's meticulous “drill log” in the screenshots below.  I've seen the log for my neighbor's wells (these are all public record here in Utah), and they're not nearly as detailed.  Elray does nice work!

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