Sunday, November 15, 2015

Inquiring minds want to know...

Inquiring minds want to know...  Well, at least one inquiring mind – and even that is assuming that you believe the readers of this blog have a mind in the first place :)  A reader (who shall remain unnamed, but he knows who he is) wrote to ask:
“Where’s all the political commentary?  Your blog used to be where I went to catch up on political events!”

Well.  That's nice.  But here's the deal:

I'm teetering on the edge of completely giving up on our political leadership, especially at the national level.  Watching the sausage factory known as our Congress doesn't exactly inspire one, does it?  And the closer I watch the process and participants, the more I realize just how corrupt and ineffective Congress has become.  It's overwhelmingly corrupt and ineffective.  It's gotten to the point where the most reliable way to predict an outcome from Congress is to imagine what the most corrupt outcome would be.  To fix it would require something dramatic and, I'm afraid, unlikely.  Something like a wholesale revolution at the ballot box, exchanging the current bunch of bozos for a new group of untainted Senators and Representatives.  Or a revolution that threw them out by force.  Or some horrible event that unified the country's leadership behind a non-political cause (but even 9/11 wasn't enough for that, was it?).  Will any of that happen in my lifetime?  Most likely not.

Then there's the joke of a campaign for President in 2016.  It's hard to even imagine a more unserious collection of uninspiring, ill-prepared ego-maniacs.  Not one of these people, on either side, look to me like effective leaders.  I don't really expect to be presented with a candidate who agrees with all of my policy views, but ... every single one of these candidates has huge swathes of policy views (whether stated or inferred) that I find completely unacceptable.  There's nobody left in the race that I'd be comfortable voting for.  If some miracle occurs and the GOP successfully drafts Mitt Romney, he'll get my desperation vote – at least he looks like an effective leader.  But that doesn't seem very probable; instead, the choice seems likely to be The Hillary versus The Donald, Dr. Carson, or (maybe) Cruz or Rubio.  And my response to any of those is “What’s the point in voting?” 

Hence my teetering on the precipice.

It's not that I no longer care.  It's that I don't think any substantive change in a positive direction is likely.  That's a negative and discouraging view, and I'm by nature an optimistic fellow.  I don't get to such a negative place easily.  But I'm there...

There won't be zero political commentary here.  Occasionally I may be moved to comment despite my overall despair.  More often, you'll find my virtual comments in my Twitter stream, in the form of re-tweets.  As the 2016 election approaches, I'm sure I'll be drawn in some more – with the same sort of morbid fascination some people (not me!) have for automobile accidents and suicidal jumpers...

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  1. Hillary maybe... my guess is that Biden is waiting out the mud slinging for some indictment etc. to come through to sink her. When there are a number of candidates in a party running, they spend a great deal of time bashing each other (doing the work of the other side) and then at the end somehow have to come together behind the person they just trashed. If Biden can stay out of it for awhile, he can avoid most of that. Frankly I believe that the White House has such a lock on the justice department, that this Hillary stuff would disappear if they wanted it to. Since this seems to be the main means of contacting her, t is also quite likely that Obama was knowingly emailing this unsecure server to correspond with Hillary. Interesting.