Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our government's ineffectiveness isn't just a recent phenomenon...

Our government's ineffectiveness isn't just a recent phenomenon...  One of the best examples I can think of to illustrate this is the fact that homeopathic “medicines” are still legally advertised and sold in the U.S.  The notions underlying these quack remedies has been thoroughly debunked.  By the 1940s, scientists and doctors knew for certain that at the very best homeopathic remedies were placebos.  There is no disease or condition that any of them can help.  We know this – and yet, the makers of homeopathic “remedies” are allowed to advertise them as effective.

Why is this?  It's a combination of corruption (the homeopathic industry dispenses a lot of money in their lobbying) and political expediency (no politician wants to tell a mom that she can't get “medicine” for her baby – even if that “medicine” is utterly worthless).

If our dysfunctional national government can't even outlaw homeopathic “remedies”, how are they going to tackle something that's actually hard, like, say, immigration?

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