Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Yesterday afternoon Debbie made stuffed peppers, using the peppers our neighbor Tim D. gave us.  Naturally, I had to try one to see how it turned out.  Excellent!

Today Elray the well driller came down, which I didn't expect at all.  Turns out he was so excited about hitting something that wasn't heaving sands that he couldn't wait until Monday to see what was next.  He doesn't work on weekends, generally speaking, so he must have been really excited about this!  Today he cleaned out the well, drilling out all that sand that had accumulated, plus he drilled 6' or so past the end of the casing, down to about 307'.  Up came clear water, running at least 20 gallons per minute.  This is very promising, and on Monday he's going to drill a bit further to get more clay between those heaving sands and a water pocket.  If all goes well in that endeavor, we should (finally!) have a working well, at around 310' deep.  Fingers crossed on that...

The solar guys were also here, and they have now finished up will all the electrical work.  The array is wired to the inverter, the inverter is working, and the tie-in to the power grid is complete.  Now we have to get an inspector out here before we can officially light it off, and in a week or so the solar guys will be back out to do the final communications (network) connections so that the solar array can be monitored.  Part of the work today was pulling 4 conductors of 4 gauge wire 275' through the conduit they laid earlier this week, and then tying that into the meter:

In between all those goings-on, I started putting my tools into those magnificent new toolboxes I bought.  It's so nice to be able to put the tools in a place where I stand a chance of finding something I need!


  1. After all the drilling descriptions, I'm curious what the strata looks below you. Did you or your driller make a diagram showing the various layers and depths? I think that would be interesting to see.

  2. No diagrams, but he does keep a log of all the various layers he runs through. I'll see if I can get a copy!