Sunday, November 8, 2015

Full, I am...

Full, I am...  And that's after just one of the three courses we were planning to have tonight!  First up was the fried green tomatoes, something that (so far as I can remember) I've never had before.  They were great!  The flavor of the cooked green tomato was unlike anything else I can recall.  The dipping sauce was outstanding – based on an apple cider reduction and mayonnaise, with a little buttermilk, BBQ sauce, herbs and spices, and scallions.  It was a perfect pairing with the tomatoes.  We cooked up 21 tomato slices, enough for most of northern Utah – and ate them all.  Every last one.

Now I've no room for steak, nor does Debbie, so that's been put off for another meal.  Debbie made a delicious lemon cake (I sampled both the cake and the icing – oh, boy!), and I'm too full to even attempt that.  We'll wait a couple hours and see if we've developed enough room for dessert.

Some photos of the goodies in progress below.  The first three show the tomatoes frying, dredging, and ready to eat.  The last photo is that luscious cake...

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