Sunday, November 8, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  The dogs (Miki and Race) and I went for a walk this morning; first time in over a week.  It felt great to all of us!  It was a nice, crisp morning – about 35°F, fairly humid, but comfortable walking so long as I had my gloves on and didn't stop anywhere long enough for my feet to get cold :)  It looks very wintry outside now – there was frost on most of the plants, and most of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves now.  On the way home, a kit fox (photo at upper right is not mine, dang it!) crossed the road about 50' in front of us.  What a beautiful animal!  It was very perky, scampering about, no doubt searching for voles.  At one point it stopped and yipped at us.  Miki and Race never saw it, and didn't react to the yipping at all.  The photos below are mine:

In the last photo you can see the mountain (about 40 miles northwest of us) that lies to the west of the cabin we're buying in Newton.

I wrote earlier about the canning we did yesterday, and a reader emailed wanting a photo.  Here it is! Those are 12 oz. jars, jalapeno jelly on the left, green tomato pasta sauce on the right...

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