Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Burglary in Paradise...

Burglary in Paradise...  Well, there's much more news about the two burglars recently caught after invading a home in Paradise.  Aren't they cute in their purple suits?

For starters, the police have searched their home – and found evidence linking them to seven other burglaries.  Then there's the fact that their (rental) home is in Smithfield Canyon – just a few doors down from the B&B where Debbie and I stayed almost two years ago when looking for a home here.  There were two teenagers (their children?) found on the property, along with numerous animals.  All of these are now being cared for elsewhere.  The out-of-state owner of the property returned and reported a vehicle was missing; that's now listed as stolen.

Now these two are being held without bail.  That's probably actually good for them, as the folks of this community are not likely to be shy about administering a little homespun justice if they were found out and about...

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