Saturday, July 18, 2015


ObamaCare ... the pain has just begun.  If you've been paying attention to the facts, as opposed to the politicians, this won't be any surprise to you.  The pain isn't going to be just financial, either.  This morning I read this article in an English newspaper, the subject of which is homeopathic “medicines” and how to deal with the people who promote them, or believe in them.  But what caught my eye in the article was this passage:
Consider this in contrast to the doctor’s surgery, often over-subscribed, where patients may be required to wait up to two weeks for an appointment.  Drawing from my own experience, on a recent surgery visit I was informed that I had to pick one of the two issues I needed to discuss with my doctor, as patients were only allocated a 10-minute slot and there would not be enough time to discuss both.
Note the casual acceptance of their medical reality under the socialized medicine program in place for many years in England (the National Health Service, or NHS).  English friends of mine have many horror stories about their experiences with the NHS, and I know a dozen or so who have paid for foreign trips (including to the U.S.) in order to obtain timely medical care for their loved ones.  One particularly sad case involved a colleague's wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.K. – but only after waiting seven months for an MRI.  By that time the cancer had advanced to the point where other organs were involved, and she died a year or so later – in the U.S., where she could get timely palliative care (this is one of the worst areas of delays in the NHS).

That is, inevitably, where we're headed with ObamaCare, unless we can muster up the political will to get rid of a socialized medical system.  Debbie and I may have to educate ourselves on medical tourism if we want to get decent medical care in the future.  Estonia and India are beckoning, and so is China.  Sheesh...

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