Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unless you've been sleeping in a cave somewhere...

Unless you've been sleeping in a cave somewhere ... you know about the progressive press and punditry whipping up a storm of outrage over the candidacy of Scott Walker.  One of the outrage-whippers is the screamer Howard Dean.  The source of the outrage is Walker's lack of a college education.  Someone asked Mike Rowe what he thought about that, and his response is a must-read.  Here's one part that jumped out at me:
I don’t agree with Howard Dean - not at all.

Here’s what I didn’t understand 25 years ago. QVC had a serious recruiting problem. Qualified candidates were applying in droves, but failing miserably on the air. Polished salespeople with proven track records were awkward on TV. Professional actors with extensive credits couldn’t be themselves on camera. And seasoned hosts who understood live television had no experience hawking products. So eventually, QVC hit the reset button. They stopped looking for “qualified” people, and started looking for anyone who could talk about a pencil for eight minutes.

QVC had confused qualifications with competency.

Perhaps America has done something similar? 
Go read the whole thing...

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