Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Religions in general have some friction with science...

Religions in general have some friction with science...  That is, most religions have some beliefs that conflict with science, or at the very least are challenging to reconcile.  Evolution and cosmology are perhaps the most familiar such sources of friction.  However, most religions accept unhesitatingly an ancient scientific discovery that has been rather convincingly proven: that the Earth rotates around the sun, and revolves on its axis.  Most religions, I said – but not all of them.

Oh, my...

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  1. Why do I have a mental picture of a decked out Saudi Cleric.... If a plane stops still in air, he said, and the Earth rotated, than China would either be moving toward it or moving away from it, and "the plane would never reach China" because "China is also rotating." .... then saying "Word" and dropping his mic on the floor and walking out. hahaha