Friday, January 23, 2015

The Daily Shot...

The Daily Shot...  If you're one of the three people who regularly read my blog, then you already know that I'm a fan of the Ricochet web site – despite the fact that its unabashedly conservative perspective is in considerable conflict with my own beliefs.  It's chock full of interesting and entertaining writers, and (even better) a lively set of commenters who are remarkably civil.  The site charges a small annual fee for anyone who wants to comment (or have full access), which means that they know who the commenters are.  That small little bit of information is enough to let them control the flamers and trolls – and provide a lovely little island of civility of an otherwise verbally violent Internet.  I cherish that!

The same web site publishes a free daily email called “The Daily Shot.”  It's a little cheeky, full of information, and a good deal of fun to read.  I've been reading it for a while now, and I still look forward to its arrival in my inbox every morning.  Here's their own description:
The Ricochet Daily Shot is a quick, smart, fun way to catch up on today's big events -- and get a preview of what's coming up tomorrow. It's meant to be a fast snapshot of the news from a decidedly Ricochet perspective, packed with enough information to tide you over until you have a chance to sit down with your favorite non-left wing news outlet, assuming you've found such a thing.

The Daily Shot gives you just the right amount of news, wit, and information to make it through the day, and to dazzle and dumbfound the liberals in your wake.
You can subscribe to it here.  Recommended...

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