Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Snow!  Yesterday afternoon it started to snow – at first a wet, slushy snow, but then the temperature dropped and we got something a bit fluffier.  Last night the temperature dropped to just 14°F (where it still is), and now there's a coat of ice on the ground, covered by crunchy snow.  The skies are clear at the moment, though it's supposed to cloud up and start snowing again before Christmas Day.

Taking the dogs out into the cold and snow was fun.  The two older dogs (Mo'i and Lea) perked up and eagerly smelled everything in reach.  There must be something about this weather that enhances their sense of smell, because they're behaving much like they do when it's damp (which definitely enhances their sense of smell).  It made me smile to see those two enjoying this new home so much.  We weren't sure they'd make it here, but I'm awfully glad they did.  The two “boys” – Miki and Race – basically lost their minds in the snow.  I had them on-leash, and it was all I could do to stay upright as they yanked me in several directions at once.  Miki was busy chasing down voles, sniffing down their snow-covered trails.  Several times he plowed up a furrow of snow as he ran with his nose skimming the ground.  Once he decided to roll around on his back; why, I have no idea.  Race acted like he'd completely lost what few marbles he had in the first place – running around randomly, jumping for joy, and teasing Miki.  He clearly loves the snow and cold!

Once it's light out, and has warmed up at least a bit, I'm going to go fire up the tractor and cover the exposed bits of water pipe (the ends and junctions, basically).  I'll be bundling up good for that job :)

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