Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Remodel update: we has mirrors!

Remodel update: we has mirrors!  The mirrors for our bathroom are now mounted.  I can shave in our bathroom now :)

I went to some trouble to get these mirrors, as I wanted to avoid the “green tinge” problem of conventional float glass.  The best thing I could find is a product called Starphire, a glass with particularly good clarity.  Then I needed to find a vendor that could cut the glass to size, bevel the edges, and plate the back to make a mirror.  That turned out to be the hard part, but I finally found the vendor: Bear Glass of Brooklyn, New York.  They did a bang-up job for me, working with this know-nothing to come up with the right design, perfectly executing it, and then shipping it in a most impressive crate to Utah.  The young lady who took my address didn't even know that Utah was part of the U.S.; I'm pretty sure they had never shipped there before :)  Then Mel Olsen, of Baker Cabinets in Mendon (the same fellow who built our vanity) made us a fine pair f matching mirror frames. 

The mess in there is the stuff I'm using to mount all the various things in the bathroom.  As you can see in the photo, quite a bit of it is done!

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