Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Barn: let the second floor commence!

Barn: let the second floor commence!  A truck full of lumber showed up this afternoon, carrying all the components for building the second floor.  Earlier today the builder delivered the steel posts that will carry the load for the second floor.  Assembly starts this afternoon.

The video at right shows how they unload the lumber.  This is not what I expected :)  Amazingly all the lumber seemed to get down in one piece, though one joist did get dinged.

In the center photo below you can see all the kinds of wood products on the load.  At right bottom on that photo are the ends of the long “glulam” beams that the second floor joists will all be hung from.  These are essentially a number of 2 x 6s all glued together to form one enormous beam.  The glulam beams will be held up by the steel posts.  In that same photo, you can also see the ends of the joists (upper left) and the plywood tongue-and-groove flooring (below the joists).  Quite a pile of stuff!

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