Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh, this makes me feel old...

Oh, this makes me feel old...  The video at right shows kids today reacting to a cassette player.  These, of course, are kids that grew up with entire music collections available to listen to from little boxes the size of a postage stamp.

When I was a kid, the smallest music playing device was the size of a briefcase: a portable record player that had a vacuum tube amplifier and had to be plugged into the wall for power.  That device was only a small improvement over the original Edison cylinder players.

I don't recall ever having the reaction that these kids have, of thinking that some piece of technology (however old) was incomprehensible and awful.  Mostly I recall looking forward to near-miraculous advances that seemed to happen in very quick succession (semiconductors, plastics, lasers, etc.).

How about you?  Do you remember ever having reactions to your parents' technology that was anything like these kids?

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