Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Says the Dog: “What Just Happened Here?”

Via my lovely bride...  I wish I knew the backstory on this one, but the photos' story is very clear.  First we have a disastrous looking situation from the squirrel mama's perspective: the big black dog has her baby pinned down, and it's looking like hors d'oeuvres time:

Things are not looking good for baby.  But then mama squirrel gets right in that nasty dog's face, like a fractional horsepower chainsaw mounted on motorized crampons.  That ole dog is mighty distracted – and baby squirrel makes a mad dash for safety:

Mama and baby, safe on the tree – and one very confused looking dog, the expression on her face saying “What just happened here?  Did I just get my ass kicked by a squirrel?”

Why, yes, as a matter of fact you did!

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