Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Such a Struggle!

The U.K.'s The Telegraph has been an uber-reliable warmist doom-monger.  If you want an article describing the nasty way that the human species will die (or kill everything else) because of our SUVs, The Telegraph is one of the first places you would look.

Recently the news from the weather and climate science folks, the ones who actually observe (instead of simply creating computer models), has not been supportive of the global warming hypothesis.  More specifically, the observed data isn't matching the computer model predictions.  This is a little awkward for folks like The Telegraph, and they're struggling to cope...

My prediction is that they will find a new topic on which they can hang their sensational doom-and-gloom forecasts.  I respectfully suggest the U.S. economic and political future as a likely alternative candidate...

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