Friday, February 8, 2013

Blog Post of the Day...

This one is somewhat recursive – it's from Rachel Lucas, who is herself blogging about a (great!) post from Jeff Goldstein:
There is no point to the GOP anymore. They are about as much of a counterweight to the liberal Democrats and Obama as a dingleberry is on Primo’s ass when he wants to run like the wind.

He doesn’t like it, and he might slow down for a second to rub his butt in the grass, but then off he goes again to his desired destination, undeterred.
There's no substantive difference in behavior between the Democrats and the Republicans, taken as a whole.  I agree.  It's a problem.  One that smells of doom...

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  1. "But I’ll never do that again. I’m never voting for someone like Romney or McCain or Dubya again; they’re just as useless as their opponents, just as happy with oppressively huge government as Obama is. Let the progressives burn it all down; it’s happening anyway and we may as well speed it up. I’d rather have the collapse come when I’m young(ish) than when I’m old and relatively helpless. "

    Sounds like my thoughts. Its gonna collapse. Lets just get it over with. - Larry