Monday, January 17, 2011

Old Computer Ads...

I remember the one at right (click to enlarge), as I had a business manufacturing computer systems at the time, and these folks were selling the same hard disk that I was – but for about half my price!

If you work out the numbers, these folks were selling a hard disk at $350/mb, and I was selling them at $500/mb – and both prices were an order of magnitude less than the cost of disks just a few years prior.  I remember thinking that we had to be approaching some sort of price asymptote; it couldn't possibly go down any lower!  And now, about 30 years later, what do disks cost?  Roughly $0.0001/mb, or about five millionths of what they used to cost.  Is there anything else that has declined as much in cost as computer hardware?  If so, I can't think what it is...

More ads at the link.

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