Monday, February 22, 2010

Israel Versus Iran: Yes!

Iran (repeatedly) threatens to blow Israel off the map.

Iran is not-so-covertly developing nuclear weapons, and is close to achieving that goal.

Israel has nukes, and delivery capability, but surely wouldn't want to use them except in extreme circumstances.

Israel has the most powerful air force in the Middle East, and surely could reach Iran – but probably at great cost to her airmen, and with great risk to mission success.

The rest of the world is doing essentially nothing to defuse this situation.  China and Russia are blocking all attempts to use less-than-military pressure, and Europe isn't too excited about it, either – especially Germany and France, who are major trading partners with Iran.

What's a threatened Israel to do?

Develop a fleet of unmanned aircraft with the range to strike Iran and with the payload capacity to carry either bunker-busters or nukes.


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