Thursday, December 8, 2005

Oh, My!

Via TigerHawk (click for a larger view).

Imagine it’s 1941, and Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, and John Kerry are in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese make their sneak attack. The picture at right shows what might have happened…

There’s a little tiny graphic on the picture that credits it to Now with a name like that, I thought I might be in for a treat — and I was (but check it out yourself!). The site appears to be the solo work of Jay D. Dyson, who not only makes visual parodies (many of them are excellent), but also offers some commentary with each one. On the one pictured here, he says:

Each year that I do a parody on the anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, I usually find it difficult to avoid repeating the previous year’s theme.

This year, that was decidedly not the case.

After suffering through countless episodes of the patently anti-American antics of today’s Democrats, this parody came effortlessly. And what’s more, the core truth of this satire simply cannot be denied. There can be no doubt that the conduct featured here is precisely what the Democrats would do if we had another Pearl Harbor!

Just take a long, hard look at current events: our nation is scarcely four years past the 9/11 attacks, we are currently involved in a war to assure the longevity of a fledgling democracy where terror once reigned, and what are the leaders of the Democrats doing? Why, pulling all kinds of ridiculously anti-American, anti-troop and anti-victory stunts whenever they get a microphone or camera put in front of them!

And the truly nutty part? These jerkoffs think they should be in charge of our great nation! They actually believe they’re entitled to call the shots! *brrr!* Creepy!

I am so looking forward to 2006 when Americans can stand up for our great nation and throw these lousy bums out on their ear.

Amen to that, brother.

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