Thursday, December 8, 2005

Blog Patterns

I’m a little bemused by yet another unlikely looking pattern in the visitors to my blog: 80% of today’s visitors found me by searching Google for images of Ann Coulter. Now mind you, Ann is a very attractive woman — so I’m not surprised people are looking for pictures of her. Especially since she was splashed all over for an incident where a bunch of liberal college students heckled her so intensely that she had to give up on her speech (and if you know anything about Ann Coulter, then you know she’s not easy to back down!). What really surprises me is this: the picture at right, and a copy of the Time cover Ann was on, are the only two photos of Ann on my blog — and the one at right is the 25th hit on Google Images. And yet this is 80% of my visitors!

This must be a message in here somewhere. I’d like to think it was the power of Ann’s rhetoric, and the justice of her (conservative) cause, that made so many people want to search for her picture. But I suspect it’s just what you suspect: a bunch of guys mooning (or something) after a beautiful woman. So the message for me is … stop blogging about the nonsense I usually blog about, and just put up pictures of beautiful women.


Update: Something I meant to mention above (but forgot!) is that until today, the front-runner just about every day for the past two months has been Google Images searches for “rabbit”. I’m not joking! Try it yourself and see what happens!

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  1. In the old blog, Anonymous said:
    I knew of Ann’s views and her ability to combat words with words long before I ever saw a picture of her. However, while discussing my own views with some friends of mine, I referenced Ann. They asked who she was and I used Google to show them who she was. This search also resulted in my discovery of your blogs and this wonderful site. So I guess finding this place as a result of looking for pictures of Ann isn’t a bad thing, is it?