Thursday, October 20, 2005

Winning Pictures

Prize wildlife photos...

In a British Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, the photo at far right has won the overall prize. The photo to its left, and several others at the link above, are the winners in several categories (in this case, "Animals in Their Environment").

The BBC's article starts with this:

A swirling image of a peregrine falcon sweeping into a flock of starlings has won Manuel Presti this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

The Italian caught the action scene, titled Sky Chase, high above a city park in Rome.

"Sky chase is a powerful image and, like it or not, it's one that you will never forget," said Mark Carwardine, one of this year's judges.

The competition has become one of the most prestigious in world photography.

It is organised by BBC Wildlife Magazine and London's Natural History Museum. This year brought 17,000 entries from over 55 countries.

Wander on over there and gaze at the pictures of some really talented photographers. Click on either of these photos for a larger view.

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