Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Little Girl and a Bullet

One of the infinite ways that war is hell...

Thunder6 at "365 and a Wakeup" is always a powerful writer. Recently he posted about a little girl accidentally shot in a battle. An awful thing, and reading the beginning of his story you'd think that it would have a dismally sad ending. But it does not — not only is the ending a happy one, but it illustrates the best of our soldiers. An excerpt from the middle, where we pick up the story right after the little girl is struck by the wayward bullet:

But she wasn’t left alone. Instead her father picked up his beloved daughter and carried her trembling form out into the dusty street. As he stumbled outside the door, blinded by the agony only a parent can know, his movements were tracked by two sets of practiced eyes. Those eyes belonged to our two battle seasoned medics, who had heard the painful cacophony and leapt to action as surely as if someone had bellowed out their names. The medics assessed the situation in less then a second, and then without pause they both set out at a dead sprint. In those first terrible seconds they recognized how grave the girls condition was, and passing the information to one of our platoon sergeants. While they struggled to stabilize their patient the little girl continued emptying her precious life into the street. As the medics labored under the harsh light of their LED flashlights, SSG Rock was making coordinations with a MEDEVAC helicopter for immediate pickup. Fortunately they didn’t have to wait long.

Read the whole thing; bring some kleenex with you, though. Do we have a wonderful bunch of soldiers or what?

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