Friday, June 17, 2005

Multicellular Microorganism

At The Truth Laid Bear, there is an "ecosystem" of blogs in which blogs are assigned to evolutionary rankings from "Insignificant Microbe" to "Higher Being." For reasons entirely unbeknownst to me, this blog's ranking has advanced to "Multicellular Microorganism" — and unexpected and delightful honor!

The complete ecosystem:

Higher Beings
Mortal Humans
Playful Primates
Large Mammals
Marauding Marsupials
Adorable Rodents
Flappy Birds
Slithering Reptiles
Crawly Amphibians
Flippery Fish
Slimy Molluscs
Lowly Insects
Crunchy Crustaceans
Wiggly Worms
Multicellular Microorganisms
Insignificant Microbes

I thought I understood how this worked: ranking in the ecosystem is related to the number of links that others make to your blog. far as I know, the number of links to this blog hasn't changed (0 = 0!), so I'm not sure what caused my blog to make this evolutionary leap. But who cares! It's a good excuse to break out the bottle of good wine!

Onward and upward to wiggly wormhood...

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