Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Home!  We got home as planned yesterday afternoon.  The dogs were overjoyed to see us, most especially our two “old men”: Race and Miki.  Jahar (Debbie's Savannah cat) was over the moon to see her again, and has been frantic every time she leaves the room.  Last night I had a (large!) glass of Scotch, first one in over two weeks – very nice.  We slept in our own bed – oh, that feels so good after being on the road for a while!  I luxuriated in our shower last night, and again this morning; I've really missed that on the trip.  Had our usual morning routine this morning, including feeding the dogs – they really liked that.

Our friend Michelle H. took marvelous care of our animals and house while we were gone.  We knew she would, and that knowledge kept us from worrying at all on our trip – that's such a nice thing, and so different than on trips we took away from our homes in San Diego...

There will be posts about the trip, with photos, later.  First I have a bunch of catch-up to take care of around the place...

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