Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New project arrived...

New project arrived...  Well, the essential ingredients for one, anyway.  A while back we ordered a built-in grill from Solaire – and yesterday, it arrived.  That's it, sitting on the sawhorses on our deck at right.  The big unit on the right is the grill itself, with a rotisserie attachment (that's the little motor sitting on the grill).  The smaller unit at left is a two-burner stove.  These arrived via freight, in six boxes shrink-wrapped onto a pallet.  The pallet weighed just over 300 pounds, but the actual components at right are just under 150 pounds – so there was over 150 pounds of packing material.  That will give you some idea just how well packed these things were.  There wasn't a ding or a scratch on anything at all.  The workmanship on the grill is superb, nothing like any of the grills we've owned before.  Debbie's gonna go a little crazy cooking on this thing, methinks. :) 

The rest of the project is to build a cabinet for these to sit in, on our deck.  The tentative plan is for a 9 foot long cabinet, 30" deep, with the grill sitting right in the middle and 3' of granite counter top on each side.  The cabinet underneath will have big, deep drawers in it; not sure how many yet until I get the dimensions all settled down.  It will be redwood-sided (2x6s mounted to plywood) to match the deck.  It will be quite the cabinet-making project for me!

I also caught the dogs enjoying the sunshine.  These are the three young field spaniels.  Clockwise from the lower left: Ipo, Cabo, and Mako (looking at me).  They are loving springtime!

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