Friday, September 8, 2017

Paradise ponders: easy days and career fairs edition...

Paradise ponders: easy days and career fairs edition...  The past couple of days I've spent most of my time working on some programming.  Very satisfying for me to get deeply back into it.  I'm writing some low-level network communications stuff at the moment, to create a lightweight, convenient, and secure library for my homemade IoT stuff.  Much fun!

Tomorrow morning I'm driving to the Cinnamon Creek campground to participate in a career fair of sorts.  Some local folks asked me to be there to talk with any kids who might be interested in a career I have knowledge of.  This is a church-sponsored event, but the fact that I'm not a member of the church doesn't seem to bother anyone.  It will be interesting for me to see the Cinnamon Creek facility (I've heard a lot about it, but usually its for church members only), and to see what the young folks here might be thinking about their careers.  I'm scheduled to be there from 9 am to noon.

After I finish with that, Debbie and I are planning to drive down to Salt Lake City to meet up with a group of her friends who are in town for a conference.  Naturally, we're going to the Red Iguana!   I don't think I'll be hungry tomorrow night!  :)

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