Wednesday, August 23, 2017

We've discovered a new bread...

We've discovered a new bread...  This one – tomato herb bread – is from Great Harvest, in downtown Logan, where we did some bread shopping yesterday (and practically filled our freezer with fresh loaves!).  When we picked up our bread, these had just come out of the oven, and the aroma was irresistible.  Debbie and I both had a slice as soon as we got home.  Then we tried toasting it, and it's clear this will be one of our favorite toasting breads.  Several of the breads from Great Harvest have turned out to be terrific as toast – Cache Crunch and their raisin bread are two of my other favorites for toasting (and Cache Crunch makes a great sandwich, too).

We frequently reflect on the generally higher quality of food here as compared with San Diego.  Baked goods are one of the more extreme examples of this.  In San Diego, we only knew a couple of places to get good bread (Dudley's Bakery in the mountains was the standout, even though it was 30 miles from San Diego).  There were a few restaurants that had consistently good bread, too (such as the Fish Market with their sourdough).  Here we have three outstanding dedicated bakeries in Logan – all three with excellent bread, one with sublime classic pastries, another with local pastry favorites, and all three with great cookies, cakes, and biscotti.  On top of that bounty, we have two grocery stores with in-store bakeries that aren't bad at all – and with particular items (like the cheese-onion rolls from Macey's) that are high on our list of favorites.  If we venture further afield, there are even more choices.  At the time we chose Cache Valley as the place we'd spend our retirement, we had no idea at all that we'd find such great food here.  In fact, we worried that the opposite would be true – that the great restaurants we loved in San Diego would be but memories.  Oh, how wrong we were!  And happily so!

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