Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Victory!  Yesterday afternoon I watched our sprinkler contractor load a giant steel culvert onto his trailer for transport to the metal recycling facility in town.  This is the culvert I had photographed a few days ago, after Mark first extracted it from the ground where it was 3/4 buried.  Yesterday his sidekick Dave (photo at right) took a battery-powered Sawzall and cut it into three sections (on a single charge, no less!).  These were small enough for Mark to lift with his skid-steer, to get the dirt out.  Then he could lift and transport them to his trailer.  I'll find out tomorrow what price they fetched, but I'm guessing not much – steel prices are pretty low right now.  Too bad they weren't copper! :)

Anyhow, it's just great to get that eyesore out of the ground.  Even though it's a long way from our house, just knowing it was there was irritating.  It was actually quite close (less than 50 ft) from one of our neighbors' homes, so hopefully they're happy to have it gone...

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