Thursday, August 10, 2017

By popular request...

By popular request...  Well, one request, anyway, from reader Chuck W. :)  Below a screenshot of the status page on the irrigation system supervisory program's web site as it stands right now.  The indicators and gauges update about once per second.  The green rectangles are indicators that turn red when off (in other words, if the pump turns off, the right hand indicator turns red).  The top row of gauges duplicates the physical gauges in the cedar shed that houses my irrigation system, showing the water pressure at various places in the system.  The middle row of two gauges shows the differential pressure across each of the two filters in my system – when that goes over 5 psi, it's time to clean them.  Over 8 psi and things are getting really bad.  The bottom row of gauges gives a simple weather readout.

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