Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mom would have loved our afternoon meal today...

Mom would have loved our afternoon meal today...  Yesterday when we went grocery shopping, we picked up two pounds of fresh mahi mahi – one big fillet and one medium-sized one.  We grilled mine with some dill and garlic, then I made two enormous sandwiches out of it.  Besides the (quite wonderful) cheese-and-onion bun that Macey's bakes in-store, the only other thing on the sandwich was a bit of homemade tartar sauce.  Those sandwiches darned near made my brains fall out!

Over 20 years ago, Debbie and I flew my mom and dad out to Hawai'i where we spent a really fun two weeks with them.  It was on that trip that we discovered Cafe 100 – the locally-owned fast food joint in Hilo.  They have many delicious items on their menu, but my mom and I instantly spotted the one for us: grilled mahi mahi sandwiches.  Those were made with perhaps 4 or 5 ounces of fish, on a slightly sweet bun that Cafe 100 has made just for their fish sandwiches.  There's a bit of tartar sauce and maybe (I've forgotten) a lettuce leaf or two.  But that's it; nothing to overpower the delicate flavor of that grilled mahi mahi.  We visited Cafe 100 multiple times, and once when I was very hungry after a big hike, I ate four of those sandwiches.  My mom never ate four of them at one sitting, but she did have two on several occasions.  She talked about those sandwiches for years afterwards.

Well, the mahi mahi sandwiches I had today were the first ones I ever had that beat the pants off the Cafe 100 sandwiches.  A new bar has been set!  Plus, these were monster sandwiches by comparison.  I can't believe I ate so much fish!  Sure was good, though...

Debbie fixed her mahi mahi as an add-on to a lovely salad: greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and that mahi mahi.  She looked quite happy as she ate it. :)

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